Crowdfunding and movies



A simple equation can sometimes be the source of innovative ideas.

It’s the case of Crowdfunding whose seat more and more comfortable in the world of culture and creativity serves as valuable evidence. Sensing the need of the initiators to … Lire la suite…

Rethinking the film distribution



Piracy, the excessive cultural offer, the taste for immediacy. These few specific nascent decade inclinations require the film industry to rethink a system and to offer new products, such as distribution. In this area, they are often independent distributors … Lire la suite…

Katsuya Tomita, réalisateur libre et insoumis



Katsuya Tomita mène une double vie. Une double vie faite de kilomètres engloutis dans le confort restreint d’une cabine de camion, de travaux dans le bâtiment, et de métrages de pellicules où s’impriment les images d’un Japon méconnu. Katsuya … Lire la suite…